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12th November 2016 - Update 

Grave Forsaken update 12th November 2016 

Hi all, Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here with an update. Preparations are well under way for the release of our next album in early 2017. We have been gradually working on this album over the last 12 months and we are really pleased with the results. Over the coming weeks we will be finalising the recording and completing the mix. We also are arranging a photoshoot so we can put together the package. As I’ve said before, Grave Forsaken supporters will definitely be happy with this album. To my ears it sounds like a very logical follow up to “The Fight Goes On”. I’m really eager to get the album out but I’m also keen on getting all the details right. 

In the meantime, you can download “Fundamental Principles” by Gregory Salmela Project for free. This is an underground album that Elias and I have recorded over the last couple of years. It is made up of songs that we never completed for Grave Forsaken. It is very raw and fans of earlier Grave Forsaken material will enjoy it. The download is completely free or you can purchase a CD for 14.99 AUD. The download plus all the lyrics and credits can be accessed at 

God Bless and Rock On! 


Gregory Salmela Project announcement 

Hi everyone, Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. Welcome to the latest update from the band. In this update we have a cool announcement that we hope you will be pleased with. Elias and I have been working on a side project for a while now and we have decided to release a new album as a free download.  The album is “Fundamental Principles” under the name of “Gregory Salmela Project”. If you go to you will find all the details you need to download your free copy immediately! 

You might be wondering why we are releasing a side project. Well the answer is quite simple. For many years, Elias and I have written and recorded songs as potential Grave Forsaken tracks. When Elias put together this batch of songs he was going in a hard rock direction with his writing. For a variety of reasons we decided not to release the songs under the Grave Forsaken name but still want to share them. We already released the title track on the “Ten Years” compilation a couple of years back but the others remained unheard until now. Some of the songs feature Grave Forsaken members Matt Skipworth and Luke Gallagher, whilst others have guest appearances from family and friends of the band including Juho Kinaret, Scott Devenish and Davin Salmela. There is even a co-write from our old drummer Richard Sallows. Each song has a dedicated page that features full credits and lyrics.

As well as the free download we also have professionally printed CD-R copies available for $14.99 Australian. All the ordering details are on our website. If you’re a fan of Grave Forsaken it is well worth checking out this new side project. We hope you like it! 

God Bless and Rock On! 


14th July 2016 - Update 

G’day, Vaughan from Grave Forsaken here. Just letting you know that Josh, Luke, Elias, Matt and myself are still working on the follow up album to “The Fight Goes On”. We have 8 tracks completed and are working on the 9th song. Luke has recorded his basic rhythm guitar track and the next step is for Josh to cut the drums. Then we’ll get Matt and Elias to put their parts down and finally I’ll record the vocals. This final track we are recording is called “We Stand United” and it is a song about the friendship and history we share in this band. Elias and I wrote it together in my music room just like we used to for the early albums. I’m looking forward to recording it. 

We haven’t worked out a release schedule for the next album just yet but it will definitely be available either late this year or early next year. It was actually ready to go as an 8 track album but I felt it needed one more song and convinced the others we should write another one! We are using exactly the same setup that we used for the last album so it is stylistically quite similar. Luke wrote most of the music and I contributed some riffs along with Elias. The lyrics were contributed by Matt and myself. All in all, it is a well-rounded Grave Forsaken album. My particular favourite is a track called “It Has Begun” which was written by Luke and Matt. It has a great catchy vibe with some really thought provoking lyrics. 

Things have been very quiet on the live front these past couple of years as we’ve focused on recording. However, we are looking to step it up and we have booked some rehearsal time in the coming weeks. We’re looking forward to cranking up those amps and ripping out a few of the old tracks. 

Thanks for checking the update and there’ll be another one real soon. 

God Bless and Rock On! 


13th May 2016 - Latest from the camp 

Hi everyone, Vaughan here with an update on band activities. We've been really pleased with the reaction to "The Fight Goes On". The reviews we've received have been positive and it has been good to see them popping up on a number of secular blogs and webzines. Thanks to everyone who has supported the band by buying a download or physical copy. If you haven't picked up a copy head over to Soundmass for a physical copy or iTunes for a download!

You'll be pleased to know that we are hard at work on the next album. We are working with the Gallagher brothers (not the ones from Oasis), with Luke playing guitar and Josh playing drums. We are recording at the same studio where we recorded "The Fight Goes On" and the material so far has a similar feel. The release will still be a while off but the album is coming along nicely! It's been such a fun process working with the Gallagher brothers on the last two albums, the vibe is very relaxed and everyone gets along really well.

You many have noticed I have taken the online store down for the time being. I've been spending a bit of time working out my inventory and reorganising the site. It will be back online soon with all of our downloads and physical CDs available.

It's been a fair while since we last played a gig but we are keen to get back out there. We have had a strong recording focus over the last couple of years but we are putting some plans in place that will allow to get the live side of things happening again. Stay tuned for more.

That's about all for now, but remember....

God Bless and Rock On!
Grave Forsaken

New album song notes by Vaughan - "There Is No Peace" 

This is Vaughan with some of my thoughts on “There Is No Peace”. This is possibly my favourite song on the album, although my opinion always changes. This was the second song we worked on for the record. That is not necessarily the reason it is second on the track list, but I tend to think the second track on an album should be a very strong song (though hopefully we’ve given you 8 strong tracks!). This song came together much the same way as “The Fight Goes On”. Luke and Josh wrote the music and arrangement and then presented Matt, Elias and myself with a demo. The demo featured Luke on guitar and Josh on drums. Although Luke is officially the drummer, Josh actually plays all the drums on this record, while Luke contributes guitar.

Already this album was developing in a very different way to our previous material. Generally speaking, Elias and I would write most of the tracks on an album with a couple contributed by other members. We were stoked that Josh and Luke were showing so much enthusiasm and contributing new songs and riffs. It was exciting to have this new input of ideas. Elias particularly liked the demo and asked me if he could write lyrics for the song. Elias had rarely contributed lyrics to the band and I guess he felt he needed my permission. He didn’t!  I was only too happy for him to write the words, because I love having as many contributions from the band as possible. It would be very boring if I wrote every lyric for the band. The band should reflect the musical and lyrical inspiration of all members.

Elias had been working on this concept around the end times. He had this vision for this political Christian thrash album that focused heavily on prophecy from Revelation. His lyrics for this song very much tap into the idea of politics, money, hatred and power. He refers to them in the lyrics as “the four unnecessary evils”. The song talks about the woes of the world and how there can be no peace while people pursue the four evils. I was really pleased with the lyrics and I had a blast recording them. Similar to the first track, Matt and Elias recorded their parts on the song and we had basically a finished track.

In late 2014, I was putting together an online compilation called “Ten Years” which many of you may have downloaded. I wanted some new material on the compilation and this song had been finished for a while. We got together and recorded a video clip for the song. The video featured Josh on drums and Luke on guitar, which was the true representation of the current band dynamic.  The clip was well received and people noted the strong Megadeth influence in the song. This is not surprising as everyone in the band is a massive Megadeth fan. In fact, Luke and I first connected thanks to our shared love of all things Mustaine.

Two songs in we were getting very excited with the injection of fire the Gallagher brothers had given the band. This process would continue throughout the making of the whole album.

New album song notes by Vaughan - "The Fight Goes On" 

Hi, this is Vaughan. Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to give my thoughts on each song on the album. I will kick off with the first track "The Fight Goes On" 

The first track on the album is the title track. This was the first song recorded for the project and the process was a bit experimental. For this album, Luke handles a lot of the guitar work. Although Luke is our live drummer he is an extremely talented guitar player so we decided to utilise that strength on the album. Basically, Luke and myself starting discussing the follow up to “Reap What You Sow”, which Luke wasn’t involved with. Luke had the idea that his brother Josh could produce for us. Josh was putting together his own studio and what better way to test it than record a Grave Forsaken tune. Josh is a talented drummer, so he and Luke came up with the riffs and structure for this song. Elias, Matt and myself were blown away by the demo and I quickly wrote some lyrics. I was so enthusiastic about the exciting direction of the music that the phrase “The Fight Goes On” came into my head. It really was me saying that this band will always move forward and keep rocking. I also love to write lyrics with political themes as the topic interests me so much. We have a history of this sort of concept with songs like “Reap What You Sow” and “No News... Ain’t Good News”.

The band went in to Josh’s studio and laid down parts for the song and I contributed my vocals. In a very short space of time we had this ripping new tune that felt like the next logical step in the progression of the band. We really enjoyed adding all our trademark solos and gang vocals to the mix, making a very Grave Forsaken sounding tune. Luke and Josh really added tremendous energy to the music and we decided we would expand the project to become our next album. It’s very appropriate that this song is the title track because it really did set the scene for whole album. What was interesting was the way a new direction opened up when we weren’t really sure how to follow up “Reap What You Sow”. We had developed this reputation of improving with each album and I was kind of exhausted after Reap, thinking “how can we top that?”. I knew straight away upon hearing the demo for this song that the direction was set. It was fresh and exciting.

"The Fight Goes On" out now! 

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived. The 6th Grave Forsaken studio album "The Fight Goes On" is now available from Soundmass and iTunes! Featuring 8 tracks, this album is a statement of intent from the band. By far the most thrashing Grave Forsaken release yet, the album will please all fans! The album features the following blistering tunes

The Fight Goes On
There Is No Peace
Politics Of Popularity
Four Creatures
Duluth Airbase Intruder
Strike The Oppressor
God Is With Us (Ps 46)
Glimpse Of Armageddon

You can get your copy now from Soundmass and itunes

What are you waiting for? Get the new Grave Forsaken album now!


"There Is No Peace" official video release! 

You can now check out the video clip for our shredding new song "There Is No Peace". This song is featured on our brand new free compilation "Ten Years" as well as being the first single from our next studio album, due out on Soundmass this year!

"Death On The Cross" available on "Ten Years" 

Hi all, Vaughan here. The second track on our compilation album is "Death On The Cross". This song started life as "Crux Of My Dreams" with my old band Katara and then we adapted it with lyrics inspired by "The Passion Of The Christ". We have played this song live since the early days and we regard it fondly. The music was written by myself and a friend of mine named Ben Travia, while I handled the lyrics on my own. Check it out!

Check out "Celebrity Judge And The Sinners Part I" from "Ten Years" 

It was fun putting together the new compilation album. Part of that process was revisiting the old material. The first track on the compilation is "Celebrity Judge And The Sinners Part I". This was one of the earliest songs we put together in 2004. Lyrics were written by Tim Steadman and the music was written by Elias Salmela. This song was influenced by Paramaecium and other doom bands and strongly demonstrates the Elias' love of that genre. This version appeared on our self titled EP that we put out independently in 2005. We didn't know what we were doing but we did it anyway!

Have a listen to this very early Grave Forsaken cut!

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