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Grave Forsaken is a four piece metal band from Perth, Western Australia. The band started in September 2004 and Christianity has always been the major focus of the band, with all members having a strong commitment to their faith..

In 2005, Grave Forsaken recorded a self-titled demo EP which was released independently to a welcoming audience. The early death metal influences seen on the EP soon began to take on a sharper sound as the band played a number of local gigs and wrote new material.

In 2006, the album "Beside The River Of Blood" was released, having been signed to Rowe Productions even before it was completed. Tracks featured on the album such as "Buried Alive" and "Harder To Hate" received high praise from both fans and critics. The band made it clear that they're not only a thrash band, also venturing into death and doom metal territory with tracks like "Tribulation Cometh" and "The Celebrity Judge And The Sinners, Part I."

In 2007, Grave Forsaken appeared in Heaven's Metal magazine. The band also established a fan club known as the "Grave Forsaken Mosher Crew". Later, GF teamed up with a new producer and recorded their first single, entitled "Horror and Sadness". The band also established themselves as a touring group, having completed their second trip to Australia's east coast. The tour co-incided with the launch of the "Horror and Sadness" single and also welcomed in the newest addition to the band, Scourged Flesh drummer Dave Kilgallon.

Keen to keep the momentum going, the group released their second full length "Destined For Ascension" in early 2008. This album was met with much acclaim, and even featured the vocal talents of label boss Steve Rowe on 2 songs.

Signed by Soundmass and with Tim Steadman taking over lead vocals, the lineup recorded the 3rd full length album "This Day Forth" throughout 2008 and released early 2009. During the recording, Tim left the band. At this point Vaughan Gregory took over the lead vocal role again. Some of Tim's vocals were left on the final mix, making "This Day Forth" Tim's last appearance as an official member of the band.

In September 2009 the online special Mosher Crew live Album "Light The Hall" was released. The event was recorded in July 2008, and featured the lineup of Vaughan, Elias, Matt and Dave.

With 2009 celebrating five years of the bands existence, with the view for many more to come, the catch phrase 'Five Years and Beyond' was developed signalling the bands commitment to each other and to the metal scene worldwide.

2009 was a year of changes and challenges for the band. Simon Hoggett jumped on board making Grave a 5-piece, and that lineup quickly hit the studio to record a follow up to "This Day Forth". During the recording of the album Dave departed and was replaced by new skinsman Richard Sallows.

In 2010 the new album "Fight to the Death" was released, immediately garnering positive reviews in the passionate Christian metal underground. Almost everyone who heard it declared it the best Grave Forsaken album to date. After a memorable performance at Easterfest 2010, Simon Hoggett departed from the lineup. Then late in the year, incumbent drummer Richard made the decision to move on, but not after a he had completed a great 12 month stint with the band.

After Richard announced his decision to move on, Grave Forsaken decided to temporarily reunite the "Fight To The Death" lineup of Vaughan, Elias, Matt, Simon and Dave. The band performed a series a shows in early 2011, culminating in a performance at the flooded out Easterfest 2011. With other musical commitments to tend to, Dave amicably left the band following the Easterfest tour.

Determined to rebuild the band, Grave Forsaken recruited Luke Gallagher to take over drum duties. The band headed into the studio to record the follow up to "Fight To The Death". Following his contribution to the album, Simon realised it was time to move on and announced his departure from the group. Vaughan decided to pick up the guitar again rather than seek out a replacement, returning Grave Forsaken to it's original configuration. The new four piece lineup of the band is committed to continuing the Grave Forsaken mission into 2012 and beyond.

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