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Welcome to the Grave Forsaken website. We are a Perth metal band consisting of Vaughan Gregory on vocals and guitar, Matt Skipworth on bass and Tim Steadman on drums. 


New album coming soon 

We are very pleased to let you know that our new album isn't far off. Stay tuned to this page and our facebook site for all the details as they come to hand. We are really excited to have the new album on it's way and we hope you enjoy it when it comes out.

Studio session went really well 

Hi all, Vaughan here. Just an update to let you know our session at Fattdog Studio went really well yesterday. I took all the tracks we have recorded so far and Dan imported them into his current version of Cubase. A lot of the recording has been done at my house, while Luke recorded all his guitar tracks at his house. It was great to hear all the tracks together through Dan's speakers. We did some vocal recording once the tracks were imported and we also did some initial mixing of the material. Dan is going to mix what we have and then we're going to decide what needs to be added. I was very happy with the way the album was sounding. It's an interesting mix of old and new, because it started life as a straightforward back to basics album. Now that Luke has contributed, it has elements of the last two albums as well. It will be interesting to hear where it sits with the rest of our material. Maybe a cross between "Beside The River Of Blood" and "The Fight Goes On" or something like  that! I am hoping to wrap up recording fairly quickly so we can get it released. I'll keep you all up to date with our progress.

Hitting the studio this Sunday 

Hi all, Vaughan here. I hope you're all going well. After a period of reflection over Christmas and new year I've decided to continue with the current album project. Luke Gallagher, our former drummer and guitarist, has generously recorded rhythm guitar and lead guitar for the album. I'm now planning on finalising the project with Daniel Holmes at Fattdog Studio, starting this Sunday. Over the years we have done a lot of work with Daniel, so I'm very happy to have him onboard. I need to finalise some vocals and guitar parts and then Daniel will mix the album. There are 8 tracks on the album and we hope to put the finishing touches on it relatively quickly. I'll let you know how it all goes.

Founding member Elias Salmela leaves Grave Forsaken 

Hi all, Vaughan here with an important announcement. Founding member and lead guitarist Elias Salmela has made the decision to leave Grave Forsaken after 14 years. We are very sad to see Elias go but we respect his reasons for leaving the band. This decision has been a while in the making and I’ve had many conversations with Elias about it. 

Elias has been a vital member of Grave Forsaken throughout the history of the band and we want to acknowledge his huge contribution. We wouldn’t be the band we are without him. When Grave Forsaken formed Elias was the driving force behind much of what we did. From a personal point of view, Elias has been my best friend and musical partner for many years. He has helped shape me as songwriter and a musician and I appreciate that greatly. 

We wish Elias all the best for the future and we will remain in close contact. Thanks Elias for all the years of service to the metal mission and God bless the next chapter of your life.

23rd September 2018 

Work is continuing on the album. Today I've been listening to some playbacks to get an idea where each of the songs are at. We have a few more vocal parts to record, plus guitar solos but everything else seems to be there. I'm enjoying what I'm hearing and looking forward to finishing the album.

Gig went well, work on album continues 

Hi everyone, Vaughan here. It's been a while since I checked in with an update on the site. The gig on August 4th went very well and we had a great playing together again. When we got together we weren't sure if it would be a one off gig or not. The good news is we had such a great time that we're all keen to do more in the future, so you haven't seen the last of the original lineup! It was also great playing with The Underdogs, Dying Degree and Tumultum. I'm sure we'll do more gigs with those bands in the future!

Given our reunion, the solo project I undertook last year has morphed into a Grave Forsaken effort now. The original idea behind my solo album was to get a recording that had a similar feel to early Grave Forsaken material, so I got the original band members to perform on the album. I also used a lot of the same equipment we used in the early days to get a similar sound. The template was "Harder To Hate" from "Beside The River Of Blood". That song was recorded very quickly and simply in my backroom just before the album was sent to pressing. As things panned out we ended up getting the original band back together, which was certainly helped by the fun we were having recording the solo album. It makes sense that the album will now be a Grave Forsaken project. We still need to record guitar solos and some backing vocals but it is slowly but surely coming together. Musically this album is more reflective of our early material. Those who have followed our albums will know we progressed from raw beginnings to a fairly direct thrash sound. This album deviates from that progression and sounds like a mix between "Beside The River Of Blood" and "Destined For Ascension", with some influences from "This Day Forth". It's only natural given it's the same people playing the music. The production is also a lot more raw than our recent albums. Having said all that, I'm confident our long time supporters will enjoy this album, it's just a little different to what you might expect!

Anyway I better get back to it...

God Bless and Rock On!


Gig coming up on August 4th 2018 

We will be playing out first gig in four years this August. I decided to use the occasion of my 40th birthday to put on a show at Swan Basement in North Fremantle. The date Saturday August 4th and doors open at 8pm. Entry is $5 and we will be joined by local bands The Underdogs, Dying Degree and Tumultum. It should be a great night, so if you're a Perth local, feel free to head down and check out the show!

Original drummer Tim Steadman returns to Grave Forsaken 

Hi all, Vaughan here with a major Grave Forsaken update. We are very pleased to let you know that Tim Steadman, our original drummer, has returned to the Grave Forsaken lineup! Tim left the band in 2008 but we have stayed in touch in the intervening years. With the recently announced departure of Luke and Joshua, circumstances made Tim's return a logical possibility. I was over the moon when Tim accepted the offer to return. Tim was a key member of the band when we started, co-writing many of our early songs and performing on on our first 3 albums. He was the one who came up with the band name, as well as our first two album titles. The four of us were a strong team, and it is great to have that team back together.

We have had a few rehearsals with Tim and the vibe has been great. We are looking forward to getting out there and playing live again in the near future. We are rehearsing songs from all our albums, not just the ones Tim played on, so our future setlists will cover the entire history of the band. As well as that, there will be brand new material written and performed. We can't wait to continue to metal mission with the original lineup. Welcome back Tim!

God Bless and Rock On!



Grave Forsaken lineup news 

Hi everyone, Vaughan here with some important Grave Forsaken news. After 7 years, Luke Gallagher is leaving the band. Luke joined the band in 2011 as our live drummer and did a great job over a number of years. As well as live drumming, Luke played lead and rhythm guitar on our last two studio albums. Luke has made an enormous contribution to the band, writing a large proportion of the music during his time in the band. Luke is leaving due to his commitment to other music projects. I can’t thank Luke enough for his years with the band. It has been a true blessing, and the music we recorded with him is testament to that. 

During Luke’s time with the band, we enlisted his brother Joshua to produce and play drums on the last two albums. Joshua has recently moved to Canada to further pursue his music career, meaning he will also no longer be involved with band. Joshua was the driving force behind our last two albums and we simply couldn’t have done those albums without his influence and attention to detail. We will really miss working with him. I worked closely with Joshua on those albums and I really enjoyed the recording process. 

The two albums we recorded with Luke and Joshua were “The Fight Goes On” and “It Has Begun”. Both albums were well-received by our supporters and we were very happy with how they came out. The band will have to readjust now that Luke and Joshua aren’t involved, they made an enormous contribution. Thanks so much fellas!

Album project coming along nicely 

Hi everyone, Vaughan here. I've been relatively quiet for the last few months but I have been plugging away on my current album project. Elias has started tracking his guitar parts and he has now recorded four songs. Tim and I have been trying to co-ordinate a time for him to come in and record his vocal parts. Long term supporters of Grave Forsaken will recall that Tim used to perform vocals on quite a few of our early songs. It will be great to have his voice on this album. Matt will also be contributing some vocal parts to the album a bit later on.

Production wise, this album is more in the style of our original EP, "Plugged Into The System" and "Fundamental Principles". All three of those releases were recorded with a very basic home studio setup. I really enjoy that simple approach to recording and this project will reflect that. Musically it reminds me of our first three albums with a bit of the rock vibe of "Plugged Into The System" and "Fundamental Principles" thrown in. For example Songs like  "One True Way", "I Think It's Time", "The Ruskin Arms" and "Calm In The Storm" would fit right into "Plugged Into The System". Other tracks like "Win The Day" and "Warriors Of The Cross" have more of a thrash vibe that fits with our heavier material. I think it's a good mix of everything I've done over the years.

I'll keep you updated as work progresses on the album.

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